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AND/life is your one-stop solution for easily building beneficial habits that generate energy, sideline stress, and make fitness consistency a no-brainer. 

It's not a diet. It's not a workout regimen. It's a method of small tweaks that make a big difference right away in how you feel, and huge results over time in your overall health & mental wellbeing. 

Plus our patent-pending AND/friends tech injects FUN into your day by letting you create workouts to suit your mood and then do them live, onscreen with friends and family. 

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SHAPE UP: Body & Mind


Thriving corporate cultures embrace the whole humanity of their team members by encouraging practical strategies for consistent, effective self-care.  

Individuals with tools to generate energy and cope less emotionally in the face of challenge create supportive, productive teams who side-step burnout.  

Whether you want to lose weight, get stronger, reduce stress, increase your energy level, or all of the above, the 5 Life Strategies presented in Andrea's book, The Way In, guide you to determine a plan that's right for you - and that last will finally last for the long haul.  

The result: an outside that matches the strong, capable person you know you are on the inside.

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The Way In helps you find out what works for YOU.


EASY, simultaneous physical & mental wellbeing program for people with 

high-pressure, schedule intensive lifestyles.  

SHAPE UP: Body & Mind is PROVEN to support 

12-20 lbs of WEIGHT LOSS,


in just 6 weeks. 


KEYNOTE EVENTS designed to generate energy and a perspective of positive possibility, and featuring immediately useful strategies and methods

LIFESTYLE CHALLENGES that improve overall health while retraining the brain to better manage both in-the-moment and chronic stress

AND/life CONNECT, our in-the-moment desktop wellness solution, offering no-brainer nutrition, plain-clothes desk workouts, instant calm classes, and tons of ideas and hacks to level up your life in "small ways, every day"

ENGAGING REMINDERS, CHEAT SHEETS & INTUITIVE SURVEYS maximize individual results through group experience without sacrificing personal attention

INTERACTIVE DEMOS present realistic exercise & food strategies, practical stress-relieving techniques, and allow for individual questions to be addressed LIVE

AND/life APP helps participants turn small daily goals into game-changing habits, both physically and mentally

TOGETHER FORUM brings participants together with Andrea and her team, as well as other likeminded individuals in a supportive environment 

THE WAY IN, Andrea's top-rated fitness lifestyle book, is available as an optional companion tool 

TURNKEY ENGAGEMENT TOOLS to drive excitement and increase program adherence without adding HR workload

Fitness and wellbeing expert Andrea Marcellus’ unique program offers small tweaks people can immediately incorporate into their daily lives to give themselves a lasting lift, body and mind.

AND/life Wellness companion tools include:

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100% improved on 5 mental wellness measures: energy, productivity, calm, confidence, & focus

100% felt stronger and leaner

93% successfully completed a 30-day program

82% called the program "easy"

74% achieved their personal fitness targets

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